09.09.2017. Specijalna izložba retrivera Karlovac (CRO)
subota, u sklopu CACIB Karlovca
09/09/2017 Retriever speciality Karlovac (CRO)
together with CACIB Karlovac

Rok prijave 28. kolovoza 2017. / Entry deadline 28 august 2017


Ove godine odlučili smo se našu drugu godišnju specijalnu izložbu retrivera održati u prekrasnom Karlovcu. Karlovac je zadnjih godina postao jedna od top izložbenih destinacija u Hrvatskoj, te smo i mi ove godine odlučili biti dio jedne od naših najljepših kinoloških priča. Izložba će se održati u sklopu dvije međunarodne izložbe u Karlovcu - 2xCACIB Karlovac - 4rivers Winner na terenu ŠRC Korana uz samu rijeku Koranu. Ovo je već dobro poznati izložbeni teren svim hrvatskim izlagačima, a nudi pregršt mognućnosti i osigurane natrkivene ringove.
Osim naše specijalne izložbe, koju sudi specijalista za retrivere, gospodin Borge Espeland iz Norveške, Karlovčani su se ove godine potrudili dovesti TOP imena u retriverima, pa će tako CACIB Karlovac subotu suditi gospodin Sjoerd Jobse, a CACIB Karlovac nedjelju Henrick Fryckstrand. Oba sudca dolaze iz Švedske, poznate uzgajivačnice zlatnih retrivera Dewmist.
Nadamo se velikom broju izlagača i vrhunskoj kvaliteti retrivera!

This year we decided to organise our secund retriever speciality in beautiful Karlovac. Karlovac itself, become one of top dog show destinations in Croatia last year, and we decided this year to be part of one of the most beautiful cynology story in this part of Europe.
The show will be held together with 2 International dog shows in Karlovac - 2xCACIB Karlovac - 4rivers Winner on showground of ŠRC Korana next to the river with the same name - Korana. This is already well known showground to all croatian dog enthusiasts and this showground offers plenty of extra possibilities.
Expect our speciality, which will be judged by mr. Borge Espeland from Norway, organisation board from Karlovac this year invited TOP names in retriever cynology, so two CACIB shows will be judged by mr. Sjoerd Jobse (saturday) and mr. Henrick Fryckstrand (sunday) from well known golden retriever kennel from Sweden - Dewmist.
We hope this show will attract large number of exibitors and as well high retriever quality!

Za više informacija o 2xCACIB Karlovac posjetite stranicu / For more information about 2xCACIB Karlovac please visit web page
Online prijava za 2xCACIB Karlovac / Online entry for 2xCACIB Karlovac

Mjesto održavanja / Place of the show
ŠRC Korana - Karlovac


PRVI PAS (s katalogom)
FIRST DOG (with catalogue)
OSTALI PSI (bez kataloga)
ANY ADDITIONAL DOGS (without catalogue)
IBAN: HR1123600001102062471
POZIV NA BROJ: 00 10092016
Ilica 61, 10 000 Zagreb
HRVATSKE Ilica 61, Zagreb, Croatia
BANK: Zagrebačka banka d.o.o.
Zagreb, 2360000 -1000000013
Kto.No.: 2100381229 – 02471132
IBAN: HR1123600001102062471
Domaći izlagači moraju upisninu platiti ISKLJUČIVO unutar navedenih rokova. Ukoliko upisnina nije zaprimljena do dana zatvaranja prijava, pas neće biti uvršten u katalog. Domaći izlagači NEMAJU MOGUĆNOST plaćanja na dan izložbe.
Izgalači iz Bosne i Hercegovine, te Srbije, plaćaju cijenu prijave kao domaći izlagači!!
It is possible to pay in show office on the day of the show, but with prices of last deadline. If you want to enter your dog with price of first deadline, you must transfer the entry fee via bank transfer.
A résumé about myself and my life with dogs. Married to Kristine since
1990, we have two sons and a daughter between the ages of 20 to 26
years. I have been employed as a banker in the same bank for the last
34 years.

I was born in a little village called Oltedal in South-West Norway in 1961.
Today we live just 12 km's away from my birth place. From early
childhood my interest in animals in general, and horses and dogs in
particular, was very obvious. After involvement in all my neighbours’
dogs I got my own Buhund back in 1970. At that time the dogs usually
went around without a leash, as did mine. As a dominant male and quite
naughty to other males, his life ended after a fight at the age of 5 years.

From that moment my search for another dog went on to other breeds.
German Shepherd was the dream, but my parents were not convinced.
To get a dog at all I had to come up with the most convincing arguments.
The text and picture of a Golden Retriever made the issue hard for them
to refuse. I wanted a dog, but compromised again to a bitch.
So from 1977 there have always been Golden Retrievers around me.

Mr. Borge Espeland (NOR)
- kennel Zenana's
I was involved in club activities from the start. First obedience and some field training, then the show committee for the Retriever Club in our region, and their yearly championship show. In 1979 our local club invited Mr Ron Bradbury with the prefix Nortonwood to judge the Golden Retrievers. He certainly gave me lots of motivation to continue for even more involvement in our beautiful breed. I visited Nortonwood many times and was introduced to lots of famous breeders of Golden Retrievers from all over the world during my stays with them in England.
During 1981 and 1982 I had to do my duty for the military defence. Of course I ended up at the dog training school for my 15 months duty. A lovely opportunity to train dogs in all kinds of situations. The location of this school was nearby the very famous Norwegian Golden Retriever Kennel Mjarumhogdas.
I had visited them once before, but during this year the friendship developed to be something more. After my military duty I stayed on at this kennel for nearly six months. The kennel had great success breeding both Golden Retrievers
and Samoyeds. My opportunity to get involved at this level of breeding is remembered as being quite unique.
After this Ch Mjarumhogdas Dominique ‘followed me home’. She is behind all today’s Zenanas together with Camcas Delilah from the Camrose line.
After a period meeting my wife, getting married, and two children and some other breeds at home (amongst them a Giant Schnauzer), we got our first British Import in 1997 - Siatham Raynor. As a personality he had all the qualities I am looking for in the breed. So gentle and friendly to his surroundings. He suited my bitch line and all my goldens are descended from him as well.
Raynor managed to be the first Golden Retriever from my district to be Top Golden Retriever in Norway. Both in 2001 and 2002.
Last year 2012 his great granddaughter Ch Zenana's Paris Moonlight managed to win this trophy as the first homebred bitch to win since the trophy started in 1970.
My experience from the show ring has also involved many stewarding works. Frequently from 1982 until my judging authorisation was given in 2003.

I have been judging Golden Retrievers at championship level at so far 63 times in 26 different countries so far. Croatia will be the 27th as it is my first time here. I have offer CC's at Gundog Breeds of Scotland, in 2014.
And also done Golden & Labrador specialitys in Australia & New Zealand.
I have extended my FCI authorisation to include 16 breeds in group 2, all breeds in group 5, 7 & 8. Also authorized as a Best in Show judge at international dog shows.
I am  looking much forward to this opportunity to visit Croatia and its dog venue. I have already visited this beautiful country as a tourist on pure holiday purpose. Surely I think the doggy venue will be the same.

Best regards

Borge Espeland
My first litter was born in 1973. Till 2016. I have bred or owned 189 champions made up in 45 different contries. I can also say I am breeder or owner of group and BIS winners. I have bred the first Swedish Golden retriever that went BIS in Sweden at a KC allbreed show in 1981, Ch. Dewmist Chrysander. Several times I have been owner or breeder of Top Golden retriever of the year. Top Golden retriever breeder in Sweden for the last 15 consecutive years. I am the owner of Ch Styal Silksilla, Top Golden retriever bitch ever in Scandinavia, also mother of 16 champions. I am owner of the first Swedish Golden Retriever Ch. Dewmist Serenella to win a CC and BOB in the UK. Dewmist dogs have won many field trails, tracking and obedience awards. Also I am founder member of the GRC of Sweden in 1973. My dogs have been BOB at the World Shows in Stockholm, Bratislava, Paris, Salzburg, Milan and they won CC & BOS at Crufts , Ch Dewmist Leading Lady, as the first Continental Golden Retriever ever in 2008.

My judging experiance started in UK in 1982. where I have judged my first open show. I have become FCI official judge in 1987 and at the moment I am judge for all Group 8 (retrievers, spaniels and waterdogs) and Group 7 (Sporting Group), group judge and BIS judge at Seciality shows. I have judged on European Dog shows, World Dog shows and in in nearly 50 different countries ( UK, Ireland and most European countries as well as the South Africa, US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia). Also I would like to point out I have judged Golden Retrievers in the UK,  10 times with CCs; Flatcoat, Curly Coated, Field Spaniel  with CC’s in the UK; Nova Scotia Duck  Tollers, Cockers, Bracco at UK Champ shows; at Crufts in 2011, the first overseas judge for Golden Retrievers at Crufts ever; the US National in Colorado 2010, as the first overseas judge; the Canadian National 2000 and 2013.
Mr. Henrick Fryckstrand (SWE)
- kennel Dewmist
I have been brought up with Irish Setters since childhood, had my own Irish Setter in my early teens (1986). Have bred 8 Irish Setter litters under my prefix Caemgen’s, bred or owned ca 28 champions and several World Winner titles. I am breeder or owner of numerous group and BIS winners all over Europe nad also owned Top Irish Setter of the Year in Sweden and Holland. I have been winner Junior handling finals in Holland 1997 and represented at Crufts 1998.

My judging experience started with junior handling (Holland, Sweden, Iceland, Australia, Belgium, Gibraltar, South Africa). I have judged my first Open Show in the UK in 2012 and I am FCI official judge since 2011. I am complete Group 7, all Spaniels & Retrievers and Portuguese Waterdog. I have judged in all Scandinavian countries, Holland, South Africa, Czech Republic, Australia & New Zealand, Ireland, Russia, Lithuania, Hungary, UK. Also I would like to point out I have judged about 10 Open shows in Scandinavia and Holland and followed all the judging courses and seminars by the Dutch KC and the Swedish KC.
Mr. Sjoerd Jobse (SWE)
- kennel Caemgen’s